Group Management

Adv. Amir Talmi

Leads the real estate marketing and sales activity in Portugal and is also an active partner in managing the group's other activities

Architect Assaf Molcho

Leads the real estate entrepreneurship in Israel and is also an active partner in the group's other activities

Adv. Gabi Jubran

Leads the entrepreneurship activity in Portugal and is also an active partner in the group's other activities

Adv. Yossi Yitzhak

Chairman and CEO of the Youropa Group
Youropa Real Estate Management

Management of Youropa Real Estate

CPA Eliav Matan

Deputy CFO

Dael Cohen

Deputy CEO of Operations

Asaf Tiar

Investor Relations Manager

Maayan Aflalo

Business Development Manager - Portugal

Investor Guidance - Step by step for property purchase in Portugal

Youropa Real Estate represents leading entrepreneurs from the frontline in Portugal and holds a unique portfolio of direct and non-brokered assets. This portfolio includes real estate assets for short, medium, and long-term management, apartments in various sizes and uses (residential, hospitality, etc.), buildings, and lands for investment.

The company offers a unique and comprehensive service package for investors. Starting from identifying the potential asset from a variety of the company’s existing projects, preparing a business plan, finalizing the purchase agreement with the local developer, legal and financial guidance, matching financing and mortgage solutions, and offering complementary services both during the purchase stage such as interior design and after handover by leading property management.

We understand that investing in real estate abroad is a significant step for the investor and differs from local real estate investments. Therefore, each transaction receives individual and specific attention and a tailored investment package, ensuring the best deal for each investor and their needs, including financing options of up to 75% of the purchase price, without even needing to travel to Portugal.

To date, Youropa Real Estate has accompanied hundreds of successful real estate investments in Portugal. It takes pride in the fact that many of its clients, who have joined its investor club “Youropa Members”, continue to invest through the company time and again, even introducing friends and family members.

The Formula for Success

Unlike other companies operating in the market, Youropa Real Estate’s success in the field of overseas real estate investments and its prominence compared to the market stems from a unique combination of several factors:

High-quality human capital and a leading management team.
A robust managerial and operational foundation both in Israel and in Portugal, as well as a prominent local positioning in Portugal against the local market (entrepreneurs, banks, financial entities, business partners, etc.), offering genuine and attractive value to our customers.
Extensive accumulated experience in accompanying hundreds of successful real estate investments in Portugal.
Unique financing options of up to 75% for all types of investments.
Genuine expertise in the field of overseas real estate investments in general and in Portugal in particular.
Financial resilience and strength as part of the Youropa Group.
A focus on providing high-quality, reliable, transparent, and personalized service to every investor throughout the entire journey.

Professionals in Portugal

Even though we already employ dozens of workers in Israel and Portugal, we still view ourselves as a large family, incorporating new family members into the Youropa Real Estate investors’ family each month.

For us – workers and managers – Youropa Real Estate from the Youropa Group isn’t just a workplace but a true home based on mutual guarantee, trust, and confidence. We believe that a warm, positive, and humane work environment allows us to provide our customer base with the service they truly deserve, characterized by the highest level of service, humanity, and sensitivity.

We take pride in our organizational culture and cohesion that enables us to operate as one cohesive, efficient mechanism in achieving our goals and providing the best service to our clients.

Our Partners

We understand that to invest in real estate most wisely, safely, and generally, and especially in overseas real estate, it’s essential to do so with professional and trustworthy service providers in every field. Therefore, at Youropa Real Estate, we choose our leading, professional, experienced, and reliable local partners in real estate, banking, finance, legal services, and professional services.

Our partnerships allow us to offer our clients a unique value proposition for investing in real estate in Portugal with attractive financing terms of up to 75%, and local guidance that’s secure, efficient, and trustworthy from the leading service providers in each relevant field throughout the investment lifecycle.

Youropa Real Estate exclusively and uniquely represents leading developers in Portugal, some of whom are also partners in GAYA CAPITAL – the real estate development company of the group in Portugal, offering investments in real estate assets in Prime Locations of the highest quality and finish.

The company’s close relationships with local leading banks and financial institutions enable our clients to receive a unique financial basket tailored to their needs under attractive terms.

The company allows its clients to choose professional service providers from a selected pool of business partners in legal services, finance, development, design, furnishing, and asset management after their delivery.

Below are some of our business partners